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John Platts-Mills QC served as the founding chairman of Justice International, a leading legal organisation in the field of Justice, Human Rights and rule of law since 1992. Platts-Mills was an internationally renowned constitutional lawyer, who was Called to the Bar in 1932 and made a QC in 1964. He was a master for courtroom threatre; his notable cases include the 'Kray Twins' and the 'Great Train Robbers’.


As a member of Justice International, Platts-Mills has led numerous human rights investigations and missions around the world conducted by Justice International, such as that of the indiscriminite killing of civillians in the State of Assam and that of the victims of the Egyptian repressive regimes.  John Platts-Mills QC was also a Labour MP for Finsbury, succesfully earning the seat in 


the 1945 general election. Platts-Mills served as a founding member and Chairman of Justice International. The Organisation is sorry to say that our founding chairman, John Platts-Mills QC passed away in the year 2001.

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