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By Rule of Law, we mean the principle thatno one in the government or outside is above the law. Yet time and again dictators; elected or unconstitutional flagrantly violate this basic civil norm through the abuse of powers, interferencewith the dispensation of justice or outright repression with the use obnoxious laws. Thus, the rule of law is hostile both todictatorship and to anarchy.


Our Objectives


To promote the preservation and protection of the rights of individuals around the world.


To promote good governance, transparency and accountability.


To contribute to the safeguards against arbitrary, totalitarian or mob rule.


To assist and promote the principle for due process


Observe trials and to ensure the implementation of the basic procedural safe guard for fair trial


Assist an contribute in the adoption and application of principle of natural justice


Contribute to the implementation of the principles for the independence and impartiality of the judicial system

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